Ah yes, spring is in the air and with that comes love and new life. I was honored to have the privilege of designing save the dates and wedding invitations for one of my best friends. I'm so happy her and her beau are starting their life together!

Vanessa has a unique style so I wanted to create something that would harmonize with her personality. We decided to use a photo of the iconic, "I love you so much" wall since it'll be a destination wedding here in Austin. We settled on magnets for the final output. This way it's easy to remember and functions as a tool for hanging reminders and family photos. It worked out beautifully. I just admire practical design.

She's getting married in the, oh so romantic Allan House. After reviewing a plethora of Pinterest posts she fell in love with the chalkboard trend. Being a lover of typography myself, I was pretty excited to take this approach. I think it works well for the location, don't you?

Her fiancé, Joe is a Navy helicopter instructor. I added an anchor and small helicopter with a flying banner for a personalized touch. It's so cute, I mean manly.

We were all pleased with the results. I had so much fun designing these and cannot wait for the wedding!

Wedding invitation design, Jennifer Alt Design



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