Art Director, Visual Designer, Branding Strategist

FSB in Cologne, Germany is one of the biggest global sports and recreation, industry events. My team and I designed Act Global’s booth from conception to execution, launching the company’s rebrand and latest product innovations.

Tasked with creating a fun networking environment and generating brand recognition for multiple niche segments, our approach was a photobooth and Innovation Stations for each brand.

The company’s artfully displayed synthetic turf stations gave the sense of brand hierarchy and awareness to the diverse innovations. Each station reinforced the brand with content positioning, icons and corresponding illuminated colors.

The photobooth—a forward thinking approach for the demographic—further emphasized brand awareness, company culture, and provided an outlet for social media opportunities and relationship building.

The overall social and educational tone was created for partners and guest to enjoy, network, and learn about the company’s latest innovations. The space was successfulsigned new international partners and strengthened existing. The buzz about the company lingered well after.


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