Visual Designer, UI/UX Designer

Develop a grocery store app based on users goals discovered while researching their current shopping experience. The common need discovered in the research process was that young professionals need a quick and easy way to shop because their time is valuable. They often plan ahead by developing lists but don’t always have time to run through the aisles locating each item.

The Grocery Shop app was designed so users can easily save various grocery lists based on their shopping needs. Their entire shopping experience can be conveniently executed through their mobile device. The showcased persona Supermom Vicky, saved three lists in her appa standard weekly list, one for barbecue events, and one for a cleanse diet.

Supermom Vicky can quickly modify item quantities in her saved lists, add additional items to her cart, and take advantage of express checkout for a painless experience. Her credit card information is stored within the app for convenience. Before Supermom Vicky selects express checkout, she can decide whether or not to pickup the groceries or have them delivered. She decides picking them up on the way home from work is the way to go.

This project was initiated through a UX Design Bootcamp completed with General Assembly. The final execution and prototyping was not required by the workshop.

Click HERE to view InVision prototype.

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