They say less is more. In some cases less doesn't hit the mark and you find yourself seeking explanation or blurting, "Lame, I can do that." However when someone gets it right, it is pure genius.

Here are some great examples.

Though a bit risqué I figured why not. It's post Valentine's Day! This book cover was designed by Malika Favre. She does a fantastic job playing up negative space and simplistic shapes allowing the viewer to use their imagination. You can review her design process for this particular cover here.

This is a great piece designed by Viktor Hertz as a poster remake for the film "Coffee and Cigarettes." The use of negative space and typography is mindful of your local coffee shop. I love it, love it, love it! The poster is sophisticated, clever and full of design. Makes me want a fresh cup of joe (minus the cigarette).


How perfect is this? This coin purse/tissue holder Case 3776, was named after Mt. Fuji in meters. Designed by Tomohiro iIkegaya from Goodbymarket. Whenever I'm in the mountains my nose runs crazy. I need to get me one of these! It would also be handy now that allergy season is in full swing here in Texas.

Every one of these designs let the work speak for themselves. As with life, sometimes the simplistic gestures speak volumes. Say less, do more!